About us

Since 20+ years I am an amateur luthier myself and know the requirements of discriminating luthiers well.  

Our mission is

  • Top quality products, individually pictured
  • No blurry pics, ours are sharp and high-resolution: "you get what you can really see"
  • Honest and personal customer service, "we serve all"
  • 14-days approval time with money back guarantee

We cut in the winter according the traditional moon calendar and we take best care processing the woods: our spruce is split into blocks to avoid run-out and then (quarter)cut to get the best "silver" (medullary rays) appereance. Then we fully airdry our tops (we have no kiln or oven, just open Dutch barns outside) for regulary 2-3 years before we stock the wood inside the house in our sales stock.

Wholesale inquiries as well as reservations for future incoming "presentation grade spruce tops" are welcome, drop us a line at "info@best-eurospruce.com".   


Thanks for being interested in our products!


Martin A. Guhl



To keep it simple and efficient we will upload from the actual stock of acoustic guitar tops just the best of each grade that are in stock. There are usually no "better" of any grade at the specific time you are checking the webshop.